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Time Chárter Náutica, S.L. informs all the users of the www.timecharternautica.es website that it reserves the right to create an informative file with the personal data it receives, either as a consequence of the use of Time Chárter Naútica services offered in www.timecharternautica.es, or of the mails sent to time@timecharternautica.es or the use of contact or registration forms from the website or from the use of contact or inscription formularies in web. In all cases, the filling, protection and use of these data by Time Chárter Náutica, S.L. will be in accordance to what is prescribed by law referring to data protection.
In adherence to the terms stipulated in the Ley Orgánica 15/1999, December 13th, Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, all users may, in any moment, exercise their rectification, opposition, access, and cancelation rights of the filled and collected data. In order to exercise the abovementioned rights, please contact in writing Time Chárter Náutica, s.L. (Los Llanos Nº 87 – 04628 – Antas (Almería)) or by mail (time@timecharternautica.es). Please always indicate PERSONAL DATA as reference, and the right you want to exercise, plus a copy of your Identity Card.



In order to comply with what the Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información (LSSI), law establishes, please find bellow the information of the owner of this website :
Nombre: Time Chárter Náutica, S.L.
Dirección: Los Llanos Nº 87 – 04628 – Antas (Almería)
NIF/CIF/NIE: B04444139
Registro Civil: Ciudad de Almería / Tomo 773/ Página AL-19049 Inscripción 1ª
Teléfono de contacto: +34 660 002 339
E-mail de contacto: time@timecharternautica.es
The access a tu the website www.timecharternautica.es belongs to Time Chárter Náutica, S.L. and the use of the services offered in the websit mean the absolute acceptance of the following terms and conditions for use:


Design, source code, and content of www.timecharternautica.es website are protected by the Spanish law and rules referring to copyrigh and patent law on behalf of Time Chárter Náutica, S.L., Reprodution, distribution and total or partial disclosre is forbiden in absence of prior and express permission of Time Charter Náutica, S.L.


Time Chárter Naútica, S.L. informs the potential user of the www.timecharternautica.es, website that we can collect the personal data you provide us to create a log file. If you choose to use our service then you agree to the collecion and use of information in relation with this policy, as a result of your use of the services we offer you throuhg www.timecharternautica.es, or the mails you send to our @timecharternautica.es contact mail, or by the use of contact or incription forms you find in the website. In all cases, the logging, protection and use of these data by Time Chárter Náutica, S.L. will be in strict accordance with what is foreseen in the laws and regulations for the data protecction.
In adherance to the terms stipulated in the Ley Orgánica 15/1999, December 13th, for the Protection of personal details, the user may, at any time, exercise their rectification, opposition, deletion right of the data logged and filled. If you choose to exercise these rights, you must write to Time Chárter Náutica, S.L. (Los Llanos Nº 87 – 04628 – Antas (Almería)) or mail to (time@timecharternautica.es). In either scenario, please use as reference “PERSONA DATA” and the right you want to apply, plus a copy of your Identity card.


Time Chárter Náutica, S.L. reserves the right to interrupt at any time and without prior notice, the access to the www.timecharternautica.es, website, and to change or remove the site configuration, the contents appearing, or the total or partial provision of services, due to technical, safety, mantianence, or any other reason. The said interruption, edition and/or removal can be temporary or definitive, with no risponsability whatsoever for Time Chárter Náutica, S.L.


The access to the content and services offered by www.timecharternautica.es, and the use you make of them is at your own risk.
Time Chárter Náutica, S.L. is not to be held responsible of any possible damages sufferded by the user and is not to be claimed for any technical failure or problem of your hardware due to:

  • Your misuse of timecharternautica.es services and contens.
  • Mistakes, faults or failres in the information provided if the source is not from Time Chárter Náutica, S.L..
  • Unlawful oversight exceeding Time Chárter Náutica’s, S.L. control, involving third parties.


It is possible that in www.timecharternautica.es indirectly and only for information purposes we mention some terms or logos that are registered trademark by their owners. We are not responsible of the misuse of the mentioned trademark that can be done by any third party.


Time Chárter Náutica, S.L. will not take the responsibily of any other information, data, websites or files accesible through links appearing in the links available in our www.timecharternautica.es. The mentioned pages or files are solely and exclusively responsibility of the owner of the link. Therefor, Time Chárter Náutica, S.L., does not approve or endorse the products, services, contents, information, data, files, or any type of material appearing inthe mentioned websites or files Time Chárter Náutica does not control such information, ands in compliance with LSSICE, is not and never will take any responsibility in the quality, lawfulness, reability, and usefulness of the information, contents, data and services appearing in the links, that do not belong to www.timecharternautica.es. If it should come that a competent organ declares the data unlowfull and orders withdrawal or preventing access, or in case there is a statement of any damage, Time Chárter Nutica will delete them inmediately as soon as we receive on purpose notification.


The present General Conditions are ruled by the Spanish law. Any controversy or conflict arising from the present General Conditions should be settled in the Court of Almería, that has the jurisdiction. The user expressly srenonces to any other jurisdiction that could correspond.