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Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

We use internal and third-party cookies in order to improve our services; this is considered common practice in the majority of websites. In continuing to browse this website, we take it that you consent to our use of said cookies.

Cookies are small and usually encrypted text files that are hosted or recorded by web servers in the user’s computer or device when a website is accessed, allowing the people responsible for the cookie to read the information stored in the cookie. When a site or webpage is revisited, cookies are read to identify the user and to set the browsing preferences and settings of that user.

You can learn more about cookies and their use in www.aboutcookies.org

The following cookies are used by this website:

Strictly necessary:

Those cookies indispensable for the proper operation of the website, which can be divided into: session cookies, which are designed for easy browsing of users and to keep track of a user when browsing a website. As webpages do not have a memory itself to know the pages a user is browsing, cookies work as a bookmark within the website. Once the session or browsing is finished, cookies disappear. Cookie-based authentication to identify you as a registered user when you log on to those webpages requiring identification/authentication. These cookies may be necessary to access services or content restricted to identified or authenticated users .

Statistics or measurement data:

For internal use of the website and collecting anonymous user information. This website uses the following:

Google Analytics – These cookies are used to analyse the number of visits, pages visited and time spent browsing the website. Information stored by the cookies will be directly transmitted to and stored by meters on servers which might be located in a country whose protection is not comparable to that of the country of the holder of this website. These meters may send to third parties the information from the cookies as required by the law and use said information to enable the services provided to users.

For further information regarding the protection of these cookies by Google, please consult the Privacy policy of Google.

How to prevent cookies:

You may prevent cookies by changing your browser settings. If you consent to our use of cookies but later wish to opt out, you may delete the cookies which have been set and change your browser settings to block any further cookies. For more information about control of cookies, please visit:


which provide information on managing settings for major browser providers.

Turn off anonymous Google Analytics cookies:

You can install Google Analytics browser “plug in” to prevent the website sending information about your visit to Google Analytics. For further information please visit:


PLEASE NOTE: As cookies are intended to enhance or enable the usability and processes of our website, preventing or deleting cookies may prevent our users from using the features on our website, or cause the website to perform differently in your browser from what it is designed to perform .